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About General Window Products of Canada

General Window Products of Canada Limited was founded in 1945. We are a family-owned and-operated custom profile extrusion company dedicated to providing exceptional product, service, and delivery. This approach has earned our company the respect we continue to experience today.

We create extrusion products ranging from simple to complicated and unique. Our company utilizes state-of-the-art technology and materials to create custom extrusions in any imaginable design. We assist our customers with each step from the initial design to the finished product, including drafting, creating or analyzing designs, providing design and manufacturing feedback, tooling & die, and extruding.

Because we specialise in custom-made products, we attract clients from many different industries, including door and window manufacturing; agriculture, construction, and automotive industries; household and furniture companies; the marine supply industry, and more.

Why the name General Window Products of Canada Limited?

Well, when the company started out in 1945, the sole product was weather stripping. Our family, the Wicks, bought the company in 1980, and introduced custom profile extrusion in 1989.