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General Window Products of Canada's Strengths & Capabilities

We create cost-effective products without compromising quality. We offer the benefit of our years of experience in all profile extrusion-related work to our customers. We provide production troubleshooting, and can work with our customers to improve and refine their manufacturing processes, and to implement manufacturing techniques as well as design. We can fine-tune fabrication of finished products to ensure complete satisfaction.

As part of our post-extrusion fabrication, we offer notching and precision cutting to ensure our customers receive a finished product that can be immediately implemented into their production process, reducing their labour and production time.

Quality Assurance

Consistently providing quality products is the culture of General Window Products of Canada Limited. Throughout the production process, we use advance technology to perform routine statistical process control studies. This guarantees accuracy and quality, so we are able to provide you with a part that meets your expectations every time.


We strive to accommodate all our customers' needs whenever possible by providing the flexibility to satisfy both their short-term and long-term requirements.

For instance, to ensure you can have your product at a moment's notice, booking orders can be placed. We will produce and hold the order in inventory until you're ready to have the product shipped.

Our Experience

General Window Products of Canada Limited has over twenty years of combined experience in customer design support and tool & die development. Our in-house custom tooling and design capabilities enable us to create a large spectrum of custom profile extrusions in resins including various thermoplastic materials, such as Santoprene rubber and flexible and rigid PVC.

As an experienced custom profile extrusion manufacturer, we have designed components for a wide variety of applications, from dust wands to cars, buses to airplanes, and agricultural products to window parts.

Some of the industries we have served include:

  • Auto Industry
  • Window and Door Industry
  • Bus Industry
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Aero Industry
  • Janitorial Supplies Industry
  • Construction Industry